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"Am I gay… Or am I not gay… That is the question."

"I think I am somewhat gay.”

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"Am I gay… Or am I not gay… That is the question."

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I wasn’t really on that much, but I’m getting to bed now because my neck still hurts from last night… Good night!

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Anonymous said: ✿ ღ ␛ ♆
Send ✿ for a HAPPINESS headcanon.

Probably stating the obvious, but Gui really is the happiest when he’s by Prince. Whenever he laughs and smiles, Gui can’t help but be happy himself. He would avoid getting beaten up by him if he could, but since Prince really does enjoy it to some extent, Gui lets him do whatever he wants. Prince’s happiness is his own happiness.

Send ღ for a LOVE/SEXUALITY headcanon.

Gui is a panromantic heterosexual. He realized being panromantic when he understood his feelings for Prince as they developed from what was first an act. Although he would never admit it, Gui did sometimes think about how could it have been if Prince was a girl, but he soon disregarded it because he doesn’t want his love for Prince to actually come from any sexual needs. He wants his love to remain pure the way it is.

When he learned Prince’s real gender, it remained the same, and Gui is glad that the gender really didn’t matter to him after all.

Send ␛ for an ANGER headcanon.

Whenever a person angers Gui, he knows exactly how to shut them up. He can see through people with ease and if you piss him off he will make sure to put you in your place. When he is angry he’s very quiet, but much more dangerous. He rarely rages.

Send ♆ for a BODY headcanon.

Oh boy is Gui weak. He’s like the wimpiest thing in real life, the most exercise he ever does is pick up heavy books. He barely has any actual muscle on him, although he does try sometimes, but he just can’t handle it very well. Even when he has the will and motivation to get stronger, there really isn’t much for him to be able to do. In the game he is a bit more well built, but it’s not too substantial.

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        The world’s not perfect, but it’s there for us trying the best it can. That’s what makes it so damn beautiful.


        Indie RP blog for Prince from the noval/manuha 1/2 Prince

✗Three years of roleplay experience.

✗ Might contain NSFW that will be tagged.

✗None-selective blog. Accepting any kind of muse. OC/Canon

✗RPs based mostly on the manuha.

✗Will RP anything from one-liner to multi-para threads.

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"Is this how it feels like to have a teenage daughter…" Stares at his phoenix.

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  Your l a u g h, your t e a r s, all of your movements
Are all my holy writ; treasured holy c h a n t s.


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➠ 3 years of serious roleplay experience.
➠ Accepting crossovers and OCs, but selective.
➠ Open for any AUs, as well as being flexible with original universe to fit your character.
➠ Anything from Script to Novella, mostly multi-para.
➠ Based on the novel, but uses icons from the manhua.
➠ NSFW might be posted, but will be tagged. This includes sexual themes, violence and extreme gore.
➠ Under 18 years old.

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but please imagine gui in elsa’s dress

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